Renewable Energy and Water Desalination are a Moral Commitment for the Prosperity of our Children and Grandchildren ........................... we shall leave a Clean and Healthy Planet for them

Member of the European Parliament Rebecca HARMS invited Prince Hassan of Jordan to present the
DESERTEC White Paper on 28 Nov. 2007 to the European Parliament  (PDF 2 MB)
Presentation of Franz Trieb (PDF 1.7 MB)
Link to "SCHOTT supports Club of Rome energy concept"


Policy Paper 5, 2007 (PDF 423 kB):

Lighthouse Project 1
A European Supergrid
A trans-European high-capacity power grid is proposed as a technological lighthouse project. This grid, with a transmission capacity of around 10 GW, would carry power to wherever it is needed in Europe and thus help safeguard an affordable supply in line with the Lisbon Strategy. This high-capacity grid is also needed in order to smooth the substantial fluctuations in feed-in, e.g. from wind farms, and to make the output of Norway's large hydro storage power plants available to the rest of Europe. It would also provide links to other grids (e.g. in North Africa) and make a major contribution to European grid stability. The connection to major offshore wind farms and high-capacity marine energy systems in Northern Europe could thus be achieved at affordable cost; the same applies to hookups to on-shore wind farms in regions of Africa with very high wind speeds or to solar thermal plants in regions with intense solar irradiance.


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