Renewable Energy and Water Desalination are a Moral Commitment for the Prosperity of our Children and Grandchildren ........................... we shall leave a Clean and Healthy Planet for them

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Müller-Steinhagen, DLR
Renewable Energies in the MENA Region:
Potential for Sustainable Energy Provision and Export to Europe (1.6 MB)


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Seminars held on renewable energies during this year
16-17 October 2007 in Kassel: Wind Energy and its integration in the grid
11-12 November 2007 in Cairo: Solar Thermal Power Stations and Desalination
see recommendations (PDF 80 kB)  see Egypt's outstanding Solar Potential

Presentation of Results of Renewable Energies Group (PDF 560 kB)


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Innovative policies and financing instruments for the EU's southern and eastern neighbours
Ministerial Conference under the German Presidency of the EU
19 April 2007, Berlin

Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul; Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development in the opening speech:

  • Our task, then, is to satisfy the demand for energy for development whilst also acknowledging the need to protect the climate.
  • That is why we must ensure that the engine driving development is powered by clean fuel. A "business as usual" approach, using fossil fuels, will only drive us deeper into the climate crisis.
  • And may I state quite clearly: nuclear energy is no alternative.
  • ..................We want to forge an energy partnership with Africa for sustainable energy management.

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Sigmar Gabriel; Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, in the opening speech: 

  • Studies on potential by the German Aerospace Center find that solar thermal power plants in southern Europe and northern Africa* could play an important role in securing a sustainable European energy supply. I am very pleased about the power plant projects in Morocco, Algeria and Egypt, and about the planned projects in Libya and Jordan.
  • The idea is ground-breaking: it means that in 20 to 30 years we can procure part of our energy from solar power plants. To this end we need stronger regional cooperation and an investment boost in the expansion of a stable electricity grid. All this is already technically feasible. The electricity grid of the future will overcome borders and even the Mediterranean. One day, the European "super grid" will be able to transfer electricity produced in solar thermal power plants to central Europe – without any power cuts! European neighbourhood policy should support these investments to the same extent as the expansion of oil and gas pipelines.
    * Studies may be viewed from first page

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